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Account Security and "hacking" problems on Xfire.

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Account Security and "hacking" problems on Xfire. Empty Account Security and "hacking" problems on Xfire.

Post  Lord*Jani on Fri Nov 02, 2007 12:57 am

Account Security and "hacking" problems
Just a little guide to improve security of your account.
Feel free to add important things, but pls stay away from
flames and spam-posts, i consider that topic way too serious
for that, hope you agree.

A. Introduction

Bad news first: 99% of all "hacks" did not happen. A hack is a
manipulation of xfire's databank from a non-xfire employee, and if
I'm right this hasn't happened. So the problem is
wrong behaviour of the "hacked" users. Sad, but true. The
following things should be normal and I hope I don't tell you
any new facts. I consider the points written in "Italic" are the
most important and until now responsible for almost every "hack."

B. Password

1. Never ever tell ANYONE your password
2. Never ever forget Rule No.1
3. choose a "good" password
4. Don't use your password anywhere else, like in teamspeak, ventrilo, or forums.
5. You password must not be found in any dictionary
6. Want to check whether your password is good or weak:

7. Cant find a safe password? Create one here:

More than 6 out of 10 passwords are weak! Think about it,
then think again and then change your password.
(p.s.: hax0r, pwnage, imyourdaddy are not good passwords)

8. See rule 4.

C. Basic Behaviour

1. Dont trust anyone you don't know.
2. Noone will ever ask you for your password, not even Xfire.
3. Be paranoid.
4. Be more paranoid.
5. Stay away from account-sharing.
6. Don't visit sites with hacks/bots/cheats, all you will get is viruses, trojans and keyloggers

D. Keylogger

Ok, some evil keyloggers are around, waiting to eat your
account-data. If you think you have a keylogger:

1. Run a virusscanner which is known to be good. If you don't want to, or can't install one try this:

2. Never accept ANY file-transfer in ICQ, IRC, msn, xfire if you don't know the person sending it, or don't know them well.
3. Maybe you can get rid of a keylogger with this:

E. Summary

As said before, most "i have been hacked"-problems are caused
by users that are full of trust to the wrong people and
full of foolishness.
If anyone ask your something about your account data, keep
your mouth shut. If necessary try to change your login-data
or password. Make sure you have a good password and a clean
computer, not infected with keyloggers. Do whatever you can do
to increase the security of your account. No matter how much effort
this is, its way less than having your account stolen and contact xfire to hope they can restore it..

If you took all these precautions and your account still got stolen you can send an email to: with all the details of your account you can remember.
Make sure to include your stolen account name and make sure to send the email from your email address you used for registering at xfire.

Account Security and "hacking" problems on Xfire. C3a1ed59-bf6b-459c-89a3-2e7ad26d699d
Account Security and "hacking" problems on Xfire. BSGO300Hours_zps6e52a354Account Security and "hacking" problems on Xfire. Science300Hours_zps0e44cb50Account Security and "hacking" problems on Xfire. StarCon300Hours_zpsb38c18d6Account Security and "hacking" problems on Xfire. Nwbronze_zps2c44c628
Account Security and "hacking" problems on Xfire. LordJaniMedalRack_zpsceabdded
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