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Warlord Retirement

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Warlord Retirement  Empty Warlord Retirement

Post  Lord'Warlord on Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:15 am

Well i have tought Long and hard about this

And i have decided to retire

I have no other why to say it so i'll simply say it.
The clan is very inactive and it has been like this for more then a year
i bearly come on this forums last couple of days. Please note a have nothing
against you guys, in fact you guys were the best to play with Star trek or Star conflict
it has been fun, and i will miss been in this clan.

So on that note Salute and Farewell fellow Lords and Friends

May the Clan regain its Former glory and Beyond

Warlord Retirement  Full_w12
Warlord Retirement  StarCon200Hours_zps081c0d14
Warlord Retirement  LordWarlordMedalRack_zpsd14034c5
By blood and war, Glory and honor, victory and succses we go to Battle
and uphold the clan

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