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(Story) Our Doubts Are Traitors.

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(Story) Our Doubts Are Traitors. Empty (Story) Our Doubts Are Traitors.

Post  Gummy on Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:39 pm

Begin History Holocron Log #12-Zeta, Age Class Beta.

It was not long after we humans delved into the deep dark of space, that we relied more and more upon robotics. Unmanned and Unarmed drones and small fleets of autonomous single ships and mining carriers. Monitored by supercomputers now known as Cylons by our classifications.

It was from their discovery's upon systems far beyond our scope of vision, that lead to the war. Some say it was some mysterious alien race that "gifted" them with self-awareness. Religious persons say it was just the way of the Makers to eliminate us, and provide balance. As for those of us still living, there are not enough left to put a meaning to it. All we know is that we must survive.

The day that first bomb dropped, yes it meant war. It was the end of our peaceful existence on Caprica. Even these many years later, we still do not forgive them for that injustice.

However, today is a different story. We now see that "Day of Judgement" if you will, as a new start....

-End Holocron-

As he sat there, Will Foster, callsign "Gummy01" , Executive Officer of the Battlestar-class ship Apophis, he couldn't help but watch as his arms and hands shook.

Thousands of innocent persons died this day. All because he was seconds too late of delivering an order to his Fleet Admiral....

In the debriefing room, now set up as a courtroom, later that day.

The Judicators had all assembled, some from the outer rim systems, and others from nearby planets. All just for this one Tribunal.

The rumor was already being spread, about how it was a publicity stunt. Most didn't believe it, and only viewed it as a typical military fashion of "someone has to take the blame". Gummy, on the other hand, knew what it really was. It was a way of punishment, well deserved, for a let-down that could simply be not overlooked.

'24 hours later, the fleet finally makes a move. Too little, too late. Now I pay for what has happened......So be it' Gummy thought to himself.

Judicator Bregit, standing over her seemingly large podium, glared down at the facial scarred veteran. "Executive Officer Gummy, Under the penalties of failing to uphold your responsibilities in the line of duty, while at your post, you are being charged with the sentencing of Severe Demotion, and expelled from fleet and flight status. What say you in your defence?"

With his flat brown eyes, eyebrows, and balding scalp, he brought his chin up off his chest. Raising his eyes, and glancing down his left cheek, to see the scar that lead from there to his right brow, he looked into the eyes of the Judicator.

"I plead guilty. My actions caused a delay in responses from fleet-wide reports, which ultimately caused the destruction of a colony vessel holding thousands of innocent civilians. I respectfully step down from my position."

Bregit slammed the large-for-her hands gavel down on the podium. "Let it be known. Will Foster, callsign "Gummy01" is hereby no longer in command of any vessel, or personnel otherwise. Stripped of rank, Veteran status removed, No-Fly list, and now marked as 'Red' in his service status. Further abolishments of our strict guidelines and rules will result in planet-side ban of our choosing."

Going into the room, Gummy knew what to expect. What came as a shock to him, however, was how it was going to feel. To go from leading a good life, to nothing. All in the space of one single day....

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(Story) Our Doubts Are Traitors. Empty Re: (Story) Our Doubts Are Traitors.

Post  Gummy on Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:31 pm

Begin HIstory Holocron Log #48-Giga, Age Class Delta.

It has been months after Thomas Zerak was nominated for Vice Presidency, the fleet still reeling and celebrating the successful attack on the cylon base earning many years worth of Tylium. Thousands of citizens were still not going to vote for the ex-convict, and have clearly said and shown that by illustrating themselves with mini-riots and graffiti. It wasn't until Gaius Baltar was elected as Vice President, did the threats and vigilantes stop.

-End Holocron-

With twenty Cylon Raiders spotted on the boundary of the Ion Storm, Galactica, along with what Vipers she had, were on high alert.

Gummy, as busy as his life had been since his failure at command, had yet again been on Refuel duty in the hangars when the call came through over the loud speakers.

"All hands on deck, as everyone knows, out of our usual 20 Viper response team, we are down 10. We need anyone who can pilot a Viper, to head directly to the Docking bay ready room, right now." Admiral Adama put down the intercom reciever on the tactical map.

"Colonal Tigh, you have the comm. I will be down in the ready room looking for someone in particular at the emergency recruits." Adama began to walk away from the CIC, heading below decks....

"I told you already Piper!" Gummy yelled at the young girl he was now sternly eyeballing in the hallway to the chow hall, to which she now looked on the brink of tears. "I have been removed from any sort of command and flight duty! I am a reject of the system that I fought so hard for and sought to see it preserve us! I am....a disgrace. A black mark in its history. I do not belong with them."

Pausing for a deep breath, "And I am sorry for yelling. I just feel very strongly about it. Aww, come here Piper." He knelt down and hugged the little girl. "Look, I miss Mom too. Now, run along and go play with your friends. I have one last job to do before I get off shift."

Minutes later as Gummy was heading back to the flight bay, Adama rounds a corner behind him. "You are supposed to salute when a officer approaches, sir!"

Without thinking about it, Gummy immediatly snaps to attention and backs up against the hull.

Adama slowly approaches with a small smirk on his face, "Now see, it is reactions, and instincts like that, that cause me to lose bets."

"Sir, maybe oneself should not make bets that one knows to be un-winnable" Gummy tersely replies.

"I wasn't is also reactions and instincts like those which you so aptly displayed, that help win wars." Adama said, now standing to the side of Gummy.

"Sir, it is instincts and brains that also lead to the death of thousands of -"

Cutting Gummy's sentence off, and stepping directly in front of him, looking straight into his eyes, "You stow that away right now. We all make mistakes, we all freeze. It is only a matter of time until it happens. Now I want to know, with your flight experience, how come you were not first in line for the Citizen pilots? Don't you dare feed my any of that frakking pity. What I need from you, citizen, is to realize one frakking thing. This is my ship, my crew, my people, all aboard this ship. They live, under me. What I say, happens, while on this military vessel. So, I am telling you, that you need to suit up. Open up that old chest of yours you keep at the foot of your bed, and get out there in a Viper. You may be our last chance. Our only chance."

End Chapter 1
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Private First Class

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