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Eleusina Event

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Eleusina Event Empty Eleusina Event

Post  Lord~Cheezey on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:57 am

"There will be a plethora of powerful weapons, brand new boosts, high-tech ship upgrades and more available for up to 50% off."
"Here are the details for the sales 'during Eleusina Event' that started today:"
Ships and Ship Upgrades

Strikes are 20% off
Escorts are 30% off
Lines are 35% off
Carriers are 40% off


All boosters are 25% off
All consumables are 10% off
All tuning kits are 20% off

Eleusina Event L1-1
Eleusina Event BSGO100Hours_zpsa6293547Eleusina Event Stoplateng_zps88484146
Eleusina Event LordCheezeyMedalRack_zps03a5b015
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