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Guidelines & Job Descriptions.

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Guidelines & Job Descriptions. Empty Guidelines & Job Descriptions.

Post  Lord*Jani on Tue May 22, 2012 7:17 pm

Guidelines & Job Descriptions. LordLogo

Guidelines & Job Descriptions.


- Wear the Lord tag whenever you play BSGO, If you're not doing so, you should start reconsidering whether you want to be in the clan or not.

- The highest ranking member is in charge. The rank structure is in place for a reason. Whenever Lords are playing an Online Game, there is always someone in charge: this way the clan can operate without the leaders being present all the time. this mean that if there is a Group the Highest ranking Member will take a Lead.

- Stay active in the forum or we'll start to notice the lack of you doing anything useful. If a member is away longer than 3 weeks, and they have not requested a leave of absence, the member is discharged from the clan after 30 days! If the member has not violated any clan rules, he can rejoin the clan if he becomes active again.

Job Descriptions.

-Drill Instructor job. this job is for Viper,Escort and liner Drill Instructors.
there is topic where you can sign in if you are intrested from the job.

-Recruiter job. this job is for LordSquadron Recruiter whos job is to get New Members on the wing.
there is topic where you can sign in if you are intrested from the job.

-Information Officer. This job is for Information officers who job is to update all online wing members from up coming events or enything that is needed to report to the wing members.
there is topic where you can sign in if you are intrested from the job.

im still working whit Job Descriptions and all so rest will come out soon as i can work them Smile

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