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Post  Guest on Tue May 22, 2012 1:41 am

ok hints for the gane and advice will all be in here Smile

for starters the best time for minning is early morning because there is very little coloinal and cyclons on at this this time,BUT AVOID PLANTING ANY MINES AS HIS MAKES U A TARGET, only plant if there is enough of you for protection. ok on to times things spawn, during my time in the knights i did a lot of research. the medium plats take roughly 3mins to spawn so have a timer ready when plat farming, the light plats take roughly 5-10 mins depending on system as for heavy i think its same as plats havent had a chance to research that yet. back to minning.each system has its resources measured on a ratio so if your on a water hunt then go to a quiet system and mine only the water roids, you have to be patient because it takes a few mins but eventurly water will spawn in most of your roids. salvage takes 10mins per respawn, mines cannot be timed because the resources and when they spawn are random. i hope this helps everyone and i will update upon furher research Smile
you guys can add you own tips that youv found and so fourth
also when i do more research then u guys are welcome to assist me Very Happy

happy hunting and may the light shine on (spectral knight saying)


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