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Battlestar Galactica Online Division Roster

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Battlestar Galactica Online Division Roster

Post  Lord~Hughsinkler on Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:37 pm

Battlestar Galactica Online Division Roster

The Lord Clan On Battlestar Galactica Online
Server: Tauron
Side: Colonial

This list contains the Lord Clan members currently in the Battlestar Galactica Online Division. If you think there needs to be a change, contact Sergeant Coccobill1986

    Division Commander: Staff Sergeant Coccobill1986

  • Major General Jani
  • Sergeant smuky
  • Sergeant Dillon
  • Sergeant Hindrik
  • Corporal Softroader
  • Corporal RRVN
  • Lance Corporal Schraana
  • Lance Corporal draakje81
  • Lance Corporal mjc213
  • Lance Corporal Mashpotato
  • Lance Corporal Danubio
  • Lance Corporal Klum
  • Lance Corporal Colo
  • Private First Class Cham
  • Private First Class Calandril
  • Private First Class Dast
  • Private First Class omikron
  • Private DeGriz
  • Private Cornel
  • Private Janos
  • Private Jogaflame
  • Private Zeraul
  • Private Morin
  • Private NklBree
  • Cadet Ajvorl

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