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Lord Clan Rules and Regulations

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Lord Clan Rules and Regulations Empty Lord Clan Rules and Regulations

Post  Lord~Hughsinkler on Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:38 am

Lord Clan Rules and Regulations LordLogo

Rules and Regulations

This guide is meant as a reference for all official Lord Clan members, from Cadet to Admiral, for when they're unsure of how they should behave or what they are allowed to do.It may seem a lot to go through all these rules, but they're what makes this clan different from others. Remember these, and you'll go far.

Clan Forum access is given when a new member is accepted into the clan!

Common Sense

- Every Lord is an equal, regardless of Race, Culture, Religion, Gender or Age. Simple enough to remember.

- Always follow server rules.

- Don't swear. It's bad for the kiddies and doesn't make you cool.

- Don't spam chat and forums. It's really, really annoying, and, again, doesn't make you cool.

- Follow all lawful orders by superiors.

- HAVE FUN and DON'T SPOIL FUN. If you're not having fun, then why're you playing games?  

Lord Clan Policy

- Wear the Lord tag and rank whenever you play official games, or unofficial games on trial. If you're not doing so, you should start reconsidering whether you want to be in the clan or not.

- The highest ranking member is in charge. The rank structure is in place for a reason. Whenever Lords are playing an Online Game, there is always someone in charge: this way the clan can operate without the leaders being present all the time.

- Don't multiclan in the same game on the same server. You can't be a good Lord if you have other loyalties elsewhere. If no other Lords play your game, try to recruit people there or convince fellow Lords to join you. Multiclanning can result in a dishonourable discharge.

- Stay active in the forum or we'll start to notice the lack of you doing anything useful. If a member is away longer than 3 weeks, and they have not requested a leave of absence, the member is discharged from the clan after 30 days! If the member has not violated any clan rules, he can rejoin the clan if he becomes active again.

- If you have been mistreated by a Lord Clan member, or any other player, please report it ASAP to a higher ranking member, and it will be passed on to the Senior Officers. If a Clan Member has abused his authority or mistreated you it will be handled by the Officers.

- When registering to The Lord Clan Forum, adding any websites to your profile that have nothing to do with a game, the clan or yourself is not allowed. Spam and advertising sites will be deleted!

Requirements To Join

- Lord members must be able to speak, read, write, and understand the English language reasonably well.

- The minimum age for membership in Lord is 15 years old. Exceptions can be made by the Clan Commandant.

- All Lords need to have Steam and Teamspeak 3 installed

Customs and Courtesy

- Salute each other and address your superiors as Sir (or Ma'am). Lower ranking Lords will be referred to by rank and name. Despite what some of you may believe, this is not to feed officers' egos. It's a crucial part of what the clan stands for.

- You're representing the clan. Keep this in mind before taking any actions.

- Don't work against other Lord members. If there is a misunderstanding, take a step back and try solving it peacefully together, or ask an officer to help. Don't forget, you're in the same clan!

- Welcome guests to our territories, on our forums, or in any chat program used.

- Always offer help and protection to other Lords, and non-Lords. If you do that, they'll most likely help you back later on. (within reason of course- don't go helping an enemy clan!)

- Negative actions in Lord tag may result in discharge based upon severity.


- Don't beg for promotions. If you deserve it, you'll get it. Be patient!  

- Time in the clan isn't everything! If you're working your butt off and doing the clan proud, your promotion can be fast-tracked. If you're slacking, you may have to wait a little longer. Remember that the time you have spent in the clan is only a guideline for promotion, and that promotions are awarded for achievement in the clan.

- Remember you can only be promoted if you play in one of the official divisions or otherwise help the clan

-Lord Clan Star Trek online Division:
-Lord Clan Battlestar Galactoca Online Division:
-Lord Clan Star Conflict Division:

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Lord Clan Rules and Regulations Lordhughsinkler
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