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Fermi is now out......after 6 months of waiting

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Fermi is now out......after 6 months of waiting

Post  Lord~Deathspeed on Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:04 pm

well fermi is now out, the NDA has lifted so tech experts can start showing the real world performace of this card.

Nvidia is a marketing company however, if the cards was awsome than why keep quiet well today I found out.

the GTX480 is not only 150 more expensive than the HD5870, but its only 10% some of the time, now remember the HD5870 overclockes like hell the drivers will just get better and ATI have new drivers out every month without fail. What fermi does shine in is number crunching, IE folding, CAD or anything that needs a high count of double perception floating points which fermis is very good it like wise for the single however, it seems to struggle with a intensive game.

So to sume up

in a quick verses

the HD5870/50 advantages
Price its only 300-350
can overclock to very high levels
runs cooler (even while overclocked)
takes alot less power(even when overclocked
can take up to 6 monitors by itself
monthly driver updates

No physiX support (oh well) it is capable of doing it but AMD won't give Nvidia the card, however AMD is working with Havok to get its own on it.
Stream does not support many applications (this is ATIs version of cuda)
not as fast in some games
drivers can be trouble some
No 3D vision support (yet)

3D vision
can run multi monitors (like eyeinfinty)
very very good at double percipience(number crunching)
a good heater in winter (:p)
a way to piss of ecomists and your mates ( :p)

needs alot of power for about the same level of performaces
runs a bit hotter
sounds like a hover
needs 2 in SLI in order to support 3 monitors



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